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TensorFlow.js is a library for developing and training ML models in JavaScript, and deploying in browser or on Node.js
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How it works
Run existing models

Use off-the-shelf JavaScript models or convert Python TensorFlow models to run in the browser or under Node.js.

Retrain existing models

Retrain pre-existing ML models using your own data.

Develop ML with JavaScript

Build and train models directly in JavaScript using flexible and intuitive APIs.

Emoji Scavenger Hunt

Use your phone’s camera to identify emojis in the real world. Can you find all the emojis before time expires?

Webcam Controller

Play Pac-Man using images trained in your browser.

Move Mirror

Explore pictures in a fun new way, just by moving around.

News & announcements
May 9, 2018 
TensorFlow for JavaScript (Google I/O '18)

This session will offer a detailed description of how to use JavaScript to train and deploy your models.

Oct 10, 2018 
A look at how we built the Emoji Scavenger Hunt using TensorFlow.js

Explore how Google Brand Studio trained a custom model for object recognition and used it on the web front-end with TensorFlow.js.

Jul 19, 2018 
Move Mirror: An AI Experiment with Pose Estimation in the Browser using TensorFlow.js

How TensorFlow.js supported the launch of the experiment Move Mirror, and make pose estimation more widely accessible.

Jun 10, 2018
Abstract Art with ML

Learn how randomly initialized neural networks are able to produce visually appealing images.

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